Subscribers only: Download as a PDF here.“Getting to know you, getting to  know all about you…”  Nope, this issue’s games aren’t based on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical The King and I. It’s the start of... More

If you’re hosting summer parties or barbecues, what could be better than to play some water games? Just make sure the children or young people bring a change of clothes and a towel with them, as no parent... More

Registered users only: Download as a PDF here.Despite the vast range of consoles and online games available, simple games are still surprisingly popular. No youth or children’s group is complete without... More

Not every child or young person is able to or enjoys running around, and not every context lends itself to a noisy and active game.  More

Whatever the age of the children and young people you work with, Easter is a great time to have a party and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Food, Bible stories, sung worship and craft can form part of your... More

We’ve all been there: you’re running a session and it’s going to Hull in a handcart. No one is taking any notice of you, half the room is fighting and the other half is sulking. You’ve already tried all... More

February brings us Valentine’s Day, with its overpriced restaurants and sickly-sweet greetings cards. So here are some games that play on the theme of romantic love. You are welcome! More

Whether you’re holding a New Year party or trying to get your group to think about fresh starts, you’ll need some games to get things going. Here are some suggestions to help your group think creatively... More

With all the parties, events and services taking place over the festive season you might just need a few extra games ideas. Here is a range of easy games you can play in between eating all that party... More

Sometimes your young people chat constantly, and it feels like all they do is talk! Here are some ways to channel those words into fun and educational games. These should work for any ability, from those... More