These two games are ideal to use as challenges for young people to play at the front of the group. Encourage those who are not playing to cheer for each competitor! More

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The World Cup is almost upon us, so why not play some footie inspired games? If your group isn’t into the beautiful game, just kick off those summer vibes! More

Here is a selection of games you can play (or adapt) for a youth group evening. There is a mix of active and settled games to suit your group and situation. More

The word ‘drama’ may make some people shudder with fear, but these group games and exercises will be sure to warm up your children and young people, even on a sleepy Sunday morning! More

Here's some fun games that you can play around the Easter period. More

When the weather is miserable outside, it’s always useful to have some easy indoor group games up your sleeve that require little preparation and few re­sources. These games are easy to play when you have... More

’Tis the season to be jolly! FALALALALALALALALA! It’s that time of year when we plan for Christmas fun and get excited about food and presents. Here are some games that could be played on a Sunday or even... More

These games are great to play either in a small-group setting or in a large group, competing as small groups. All of them act as brilliant team-builders, giving each individual in the group a time to bond,... More

The new term is in full swing and you may see some new faces around your youth and children’s groups. Here are some simple welcome games to help everyone join in and get to know each other. More