The new term is in full swing and you may see some new faces around your youth and children’s groups. Here are some simple welcome games to help everyone join in and get to know each other. More

Water games are a fun way to cool off in hot weather with groups of children and young people. If the weather stays balmy into September, head outside so everyone can have fun getting soaked! More

If you’re doing some summer outreach or putting on holiday clubs, then you might have more children or young people than usual and access to larger spaces (or the great outdoors!). These games are ideal... More

We might not all be blessed with large groups of children or young people, but lots of churches do have big numbers. And, with summer coming up, you might be planning an outreach event such as a holiday... More

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is (hopefully) coming out. Let’s take full advantage of God’s beautiful creation and go outside! Grab the sunscreen and first-aid kit and bring on the fun. More

We all work with a range of children and young people with different abilities and needs. It is therefore hugely important to get to know your group to tailor sessions to their needs - this means playing... More

Whether you are going away for a morning, a weekend or even longer, here are some great games to get everyone involved. The first few games take up more time but the ones at the end are some quick and... More

With the ‘New Year, New Me’ motto safely left behind in January why not try some updated old school-style games? Like the latest app updates all the main things still work but they are just packaged with... More

Ah weddings: a beautiful commitment of a couple’s love for each other and also a significant income stream for florists, photographers and Premier Inns near motorway junctions. As we’re celebrating the... More

For this session, you can use any Christmas album which includes traditional carols, rather than just Christmas songs. More