The weather is getting warmer and the sun is (hopefully) coming out. Let’s take full advantage of God’s beautiful creation and go outside! Grab the sunscreen and first-aid kit and bring on the fun. More

We all work with a range of children and young people with different abilities and needs. It is therefore hugely important to get to know your group to tailor sessions to their needs - this means playing... More

Whether you are going away for a morning, a weekend or even longer, here are some great games to get everyone involved. The first few games take up more time but the ones at the end are some quick and... More

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Ah weddings: a beautiful commitment of a couple’s love for each other and also a significant income stream for florists, photographers and Premier Inns near motorway junctions. As we’re celebrating the... More

For this session, you can use any Christmas album which includes traditional carols, rather than just Christmas songs. More

Hark! Christmas approaches: the wonderfully quiet and easy-going period of the calendar, with plenty of space and time to organise elaborate and complicated events. Possibly. Either way, there’s very little... More

As wise and astute readers will no doubt be aware, the digital world is increasingly ‘where it’s at’. The era of the printed press is under attack; more and more books are published as ebooks, anything... More

The role of games in youth work can be a matter of debate. What’s the point of them? What do they achieve? Some games can have learning sneakily inserted into them, teaching important skills and principles,... More