As I sit here staring out of the window, watching the leaves on the trees turn brown, looking at the conkers spread across the pavement and seeing my Facebook feed fill with back-to-school photos, it can... More

Does this scenario sound familiar to you: ‘I’m sorry, what was your name? Come again? Just one more time?’ And then it’s too embarrassing to ask them to repeat it for the 16th time. But this academic year... More

For the first time I’m going to theme this column by the time of year (by that I mean the time of year this issue claims to be not the time youactually get it). So let’s pretend it really is September... More

There’s one prop that our children love more than any other – the parachute. There’s something about a giant piece of coloured material that screams fun. You can play all these games with a 3.5m parachute,... More

One question I get asked a lot is: ‘Why do you have games in your sessions?’ You might want me to talk about reinforcing the theme or complementing the teaching, but the main point of a game is to have... More

Over the last few issues we’ve looked at games we played as kids which we shouldn’t nowadays. But was it really all doom and gloom back then? Did we just spend our childhoods flying kites into electric... More

In the last few games columns, I’ve asked you to think back to games you played as kids which you definitely should not play anymore. Thank you for sending in suggestions, and it gives me great pleasure... More

Here is this month’s anonymous ‘we can laugh about it now’ story. A youth group was on a weekend away and decided to play a wide game. They were split into teams, dropped in the middle of a forest with... More

I was talking to a fellow children’s worker about the games we played as children, and we realised that quite a lot of them are completely inappropriate now. The 1970s and 80s were more naïve times, and we... More

This issue I’m going to do something different. Rather than games, I’m going to cover challenges. I’ve found that these can work very wellwhen you have a lot of kids but not a lot of space. Split your... More