Meeting aim:To explore the transformation Jesus brought for Zacchaeus and can also bring in our lives More

Meeting aim:To explore Jesus’ challenging teaching to the rich man and to us. More

Meeting aim:To explore some of Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness and to consider our response to his generous gift. More

Meeting aim:To explore what the fishermen noticed about Jesus when they met him. More

Meeting aim: To learn how David trusted in God and how we can do the same. More

Meeting aim: To learn how God chose David, and how God looks at our insides, not our outsides.Bible passage: 1 Samuel 15:35b–16:13 Background: God’s people had been living as tribes ruled by judges until... More

Meeting aim: To explore the unknown nature of Jesus and to know that even when we can’t see what he is doing, we can always trust him. More

Meeting aim: To help the children understand that Jesus is with them, just as he was when he appeared to the disciples at breakfast, and to discover what difference this makes in our lives. More

Meeting aim: To give children the opportunity to explore this well-known story afresh and discover how it applies to their lives today More