MEETING AIM: To identify with the characters and recognise their identity as loved children of a good heavenly Father.  More

MEETING AIM: To encourage the children to think about how they are growing as followers of Jesus, and how they can reach others and help them grow.  More

MEETING AIM: To think about reaching others with the love of Jesus.  More

MEETING AIM:To think about who our neighbours really are (not always the people who live next door) and how we can love those around us.  More

Meeting aim: To explore worry, and to think about how following Jesus might help us not to worry. More

Meeting aim: To explore the area of how and why we should give. More

Meeting aim: To explore how following Jesus makes us different. More

Meeting aim: To explore the statements Jesus makes at the start of the Sermon on the Mount. More

Meeting aim: To challenge the children’s perceptions of whom they might share the good news of Jesus with, and to listen to God and hear what he wants us to do. More

Meeting aim: To explore the Pentecost story, and to discuss the difference the coming of the Holy Spirit made to the early Church and to our lives today. More