Meeting aim: To explore the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem and how the crowds responded to him.  More

Meeting aim: To allow the children to explore the depths of Father God’s forgiveness.Bible passage: Luke 15:11-32 More

Meeting aim: To teach the children that following Jesus requires us to make brave choices and live differently to others.Bible passage: Luke 6:27-36 More

Meeting aim: To teach the children that Jesus is all powerful, despite difficulties that we might be facing in our lives.Bible passage: Luke 8:22-25 More

Meeting aim: To understand that Jesus heals us, despite our obstacles.Bible passage: Luke 5:17-26 More

Meeting aim: To explore why Jesus’ baptism and temptation were so significant and what they teach us about trusting and following God.Bible passage: Luke 3:1-4:13 More

Meeting aim: To explore the biblical Christmas narrative and celebrate this story.Bible passage: Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2 More

Meeting aim: To explore some of the ancient prophecies and how Jesus fulfilled these.Bible passage: Isaiah 7:10-14, 9:2-7, Micah 5:2-5 More

Meeting aim: To discover why Jesus began his public ministry in this way and what it teaches us about the nature of God.Bible passage: Luke 4:14-30  More

Meeting aim: To begin to understand how faithful people stay true to God.Bible passage: Daniel 1Background: This story follows a disaster for the Jews in the sixth Century BC; they were conquered by the... More