Meeting aim: To explore how to live God’s way.Bible passage: Exodus 20:1–17Background: The Ten Commandments are part of our cultural consciousness, but it’s unlikely that people will be able to name more... More

Meeting aim: To understand the importance of God saving his people in Egypt.Bible passage: Exodus 11–12Background: Many years before the birth of Jesus, God’s people were enslaved in Egypt. They were treated... More

Meeting aim: To begin to understand something of who God is, and that God was with Moses.Bible passage: Exodus 3:1-4:23Background: A lot has gone on and is going on in this part of Exodus. The Israelites... More

Meeting aim: To understand that God has a plan, despite what our circumstances look like.Bible passage: Genesis 37-45 (sections)Background: The story of Joseph is a long one, but clearly demonstrates God’s... More

Meeting aim: To discover that God makes and keeps promises with his people.Bible passage: Genesis 12:1-7; 15:1-6Background: The story of Abraham is, full of customs and cultural references that are difficult... More

Meeting aim: To understand that God is full of love, but is also just.Bible passage: Genesis 6-8Background: The story of Noah is full of God’s judgement and pain, as he wipes out most of the people on... More

Meeting aim: To begin to understand that God made us and loves usBible passage: Genesis 1:1-2:4Background: Many children will come to the story of creation and see the differences between this account... More