MEETING AIM: To explore with the children how, as Christians, we are sometimes called to stand out and be different from those around us in order to show God’s love and follow his ways.  More

MEETING AIM: To explore how God encouraged Joshua before he led the Israelites on the final leg of their journey into the Promised Land.  More

MEETING AIM: To think about how we respond to bullies and explore God’s challenge to love one another.  More

MEETING AIM: To learn that God is always with us – in good times and bad – and to provide an opportunity to think about cyberbullying. More

MEETING AIM: To learn that God knows about everything we are going through, and to discover that bullying is never OK.  More

MEETING AIM: To identify with the characters and recognise their identity as loved children of a good heavenly Father.  More

MEETING AIM: To encourage the children to think about how they are growing as followers of Jesus, and how they can reach others and help them grow.  More

MEETING AIM: To think about reaching others with the love of Jesus.  More

MEETING AIM:To think about who our neighbours really are (not always the people who live next door) and how we can love those around us.  More

Meeting aim: To explore worry, and to think about how following Jesus might help us not to worry. More