Meeting aim: To see how Jesus can change and renew lives. More

Meeting aim: To help the children realise God has given us all talents and gifts that can be used for his kingdom More

Meeting aim: To help children explore the idea that God, in his love and mercy, sent his son but that Jesus was rejected by many. More

Meeting aim: To give the children the opportunity to explore the ‘unfairness’ of God’s kingdom, and therefore his mercy and grace. More

Meeting aim: To encourage the children to think about ‘counting the cost’ of following Jesus, but also to reflect on the treasures they receive from him. More

Meeting aim: To think about how we can live the way God wants us to. More

Meeting aim: To explore how God gives us chances to come back to him. More

Meeting aim: To explore Jeremiah’s message to God’s people. More

Meeting aim: To understand that Isaiah was God’s messenger and that he prophesied Jesus was going to come. More

Meeting aim:To explore the transformation Jesus brought for Zacchaeus and can also bring in our lives More