Meeting aim: To explore what it means tostay close to God in difficult circumstances.Bible passage: Daniel 1Background: This is not the most famous storyin Daniel, so the young people may not know it.... More

Meeting aim: To realise that ignoring Goddoesn’t work.Bible passage: Jeremiah 36Background: The king was in charge, but itwas believed he was in charge because of God’s will. Because God was so important... More

Meeting aim: To explore how Goddemonstrated his power to Israel.Bible passage: 1 Kings 17-18Background: Jezebel was Ahab’s wife, and seems to have been very influential in what Ahab did or didn’t do, such... More

Meeting aim: To explore God’s feelings about our motivations and his desire to dwell with us.Bible passage: 1 Kings 3  More

Meeting aim: To explore what makes God happy.Bible passage: 2 Samuel 6Background: This is a very challenging passage to understand and accept for two quite different reasons. On the one hand, Uzzah is... More

Meeting aim: To explore God’s help in overcoming challenges.Bible passage: 1 Samuel 17Background: It’s always a challenge to find fresh approaches to very familiar passages, but God’s word is so deep and... More

Meeting aim: To reflect on hearing God’s voice.Bible passage: 1 Samuel 3Background: How to hear God remains one of the key issues for Christian young people - and understandably so. We can probably all... More

Meeting aim: To explore the trustworthiness of God and his promises.Bible passage: Numbers 13-14; Joshua 3Background: Sometimes, God promises us things and we can expect them to be delivered to us on a... More

Meeting aim: To explore the story of the first Passover and its significance to God’s people.Bible passage: Exodus 11-12Background: God’s rescue of his people from Egypt is a central story in the identity... More

Meeting aim: To reflect on how and why God called Moses.Bible passage: Exodus 3:1-4:23Background: This story is quite well known, particularly among young people from a church background, however, these... More