MEETING AIM: To explore Jesus’ radical teaching about how we should treat those who wrong us.  More

MEETING AIM: To reflect on what it means to be shepherded by God, whatever we may be facing.  More

MEETING AIM: To explore relationships that cause us pain, and to discuss how we can respond to these. More

MEETING AIM: To explore family tensions and how God can transform these. More

MEETING AIM: To show that we need to put into practice God’s word if we are to be fruitful.  More

MEETING AIM: To understand that God’s love is for all, and it is up to everyone to respond to that invitation.  More

MEETING AIM: To understand that ‘our neighbour’ refers to anyone and everyone. More

Meeting aim: To explore Jesus’ teaching on worry and what that means for us. More

Meet aim: To discover how we should give and ways we can do so. More