MEETING AIM: To show that we need to put into practice God’s word if we are to be fruitful.  More

MEETING AIM: To understand that God’s love is for all, and it is up to everyone to respond to that invitation.  More

MEETING AIM: To understand that ‘our neighbour’ refers to anyone and everyone. More

Meeting aim: To explore Jesus’ teaching on worry and what that means for us. More

Meet aim: To discover how we should give and ways we can do so. More

Meeting aim: To reflect on how we should be salt and light in our world. More

Meeting aim: To explore what Jesus’ teaching means for our life and faith. More

Meeting aim: To challenge the young people’s perceptions of who they might share the good news of Jesus with, and to listen to God and hear what he wants us to do. More

Meeting aim: To consider what we can learn from the earliest communities of Jesus-followers. More

Meeting aim: To explore what the Holy Spirit came to do and the impact he had on Jesus’ friends. More