Meeting aim: To reflect on God’s simultaneous justice and grace. More

Meeting aim: To present the kingdom of heaven as something valuable and worth searching for. More

Meeting aim: To explore visions for the new heaven and Earth, just as Micah did so long ago. More

Meeting aim: To explore how Jonah has a deeper relevance for young people than just being a story about a fish. More

Meeting aim: To know that God’s call for us to speak for him is not discounted by our individual weaknesses. More

Meeting aim: To know God’s holy commissioning in our own lives. More

Meeting aim:To explore the idea that Jesus’ love and forgiveness is for everyone. More

Meeting aim:To explore what stops us living wholeheartedly for Jesus. More

Meeting aim:To explore humility, and how we need God’s forgiveness More

Meeting aim:To explore how things change when Jesus gets involved. More