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AMG 1 

Meeting guide 1: The Canaanite woman

Standing in her shoes

How do you think the woman felt as she and Jesus had their conversation?

Where in your life do you think Jesus is challenging you to stand strong in your faith of him?

What do you think gave the Canaanite woman such strong faith in Jesus? How can we have faith like hers?

Standing in the disciples’ shoes

The disciples didn’t think there was room in God’s plan for the Gentiles. Who would we be uncomfortable including in Jesus’ love? Why?

What do we think Jesus would have to say about this?

How can we look more like Jesus?

Standing in Jesus’ shoes

How do you think Jesus felt when the woman approached him?

How do you think he felt seeing the tension between the disciples as he engaged with her?

What would you have done if you were Jesus?

What could you learn from what Jesus did? 



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