My 12-year-old son has been going through a tough time recently. I believe every father should be a great mentor to their daughters and sons. More

The first mentoring programme I set up was almost entirely accidental. It was essentially the product of an unconscious emphasis I had toward building empowering and supportive relationships with young... More

I’ve done something really stupid. I entered myself into an Ironman triathlon next July: a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. More

I had a good friend growing up. We’d walk to school together each day and I’d be in and out of his house so much that I considered his family friends too. More

I had a great experience of peer mentoring the other day (that’s really just a posh term for two friends chatting and encouraging each other!). More

The sun sweats over a tense Russian stadium. England have just won their first ever penalty shoot-out in World Cup history. The crowd erupts. More

Last night I cooked far too much rice for the family. Again. More

As a teenager, I remember being quite easily discouraged about my relationship with God. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? How could I become more ‘successful’ at putting my faith into action? More

How often have you heard someone described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The phrase actually originates from Jesus himself in Matthew 7:15 and refers to someone who appears harmless, but their true identity... More

I regularly enjoy playing a completely terrible version of hide and seek with my 3-year-old. Those of you with kids will no doubt recognise this game. More