I had a good friend growing up. We’d walk to school together each day and I’d be in and out of his house so much that I considered his family friends too. More

I had a great experience of peer mentoring the other day (that’s really just a posh term for two friends chatting and encouraging each other!). More

The sun sweats over a tense Russian stadium. England have just won their first ever penalty shoot-out in World Cup history. The crowd erupts. More

Last night I cooked far too much rice for the family. Again. More

As a teenager, I remember being quite easily discouraged about my relationship with God. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? How could I become more ‘successful’ at putting my faith into action? More

How often have you heard someone described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The phrase actually originates from Jesus himself in Matthew 7:15 and refers to someone who appears harmless, but their true identity... More

I regularly enjoy playing a completely terrible version of hide and seek with my 3-year-old. Those of you with kids will no doubt recognise this game. More

During one of my first seaside trips as a child, I remember getting a stick of rock and being fascinated by how the writing went all the way down the stick. More

Have you had any personal experiences of prejudice or injustice? The danger of privilege is that the privileged rarely see the extent of their power and position. Realising this and seeing the world through... More

I recently trained to be a full-time firefighter. The training was hard but they ingrained one thing into us: they are not trying to create robots who just follow orders, but crews who think for themselves... More