This character pyramid is a resource that could easily structure a whole term of mentoring sessions. This session just cov­ers the basic idea.  More

This month’s mentoring resource is all about fours. Hopefully the following ‘fours’ will help you to bake some delicious delights of your own with your mentee as you follow your own special recipe for discipleship!... More


Last month a friend of mine posted a comment online about how much pain he was in from a persistent knee problem. I knew he wasn’t a Christian but felt compassion for him and had faith that God could heal... More

I recently did some mentoring training for a fab youth discipleship programme called The Ascent. I loved their heart for discipleship and willingness to learn new mentoring skills in order to get alongside... More

Mentoring is a game of give and take - it’s offering wisdom and sharing but also probing and nudging your mentee. Try a round of ‘Would you rather?’ to open up discussions. Allow them to ask you some too,... More

Youth ministry is often earmarked by its use of tenuous links. Making bread is a good one (to lead into talking about what ‘yeast’ we allow to grow and rise in our lives) or having a Nerf gun fight (to... More

I was mentoring a musician this week who has a new single called ‘Victorious’. It’s about overcoming tough things that stand in your way and hold you back (in her case, dyslexia). In the same breath as... More

There is precious little instruction and guided reflection on how to have a healthy (offline) social network and how to develop a range of healthy relationships. There’s no qualifications needed to become... More

I heard a story of a mentee who said that he holds back in relationships to protect people from himself. He felt so negative about his bad points and shameful secrets that he felt he needed to put up walls... More

Unlike business, which can collect data on performance, or social media, which can count ‘likes’ and ‘shares,’ things-of-thespirit are rather more tricky to quantify. More