Seb sat grinning at the table while Liam poked him in the face. We were at our annual residential. Seb was one of the leaders and the kind of guy who never stopped smiling; he was full of patience and... More

Buy your mentee a cactus. Seriously. In fact, the cactus will arguably be a better mentor than you! It has the privilege of doing what you can’t do: spending vast amounts of time with your mentee, including... More

I ran a 10k race last October. I’m a ‘middle of the pack’ runner, so my time of 48:44 was acceptable but not mind-blowing. I occasionally entertain dreams of finishing on a podium, but deep down I’m resigned... More

Here’s a challenge… Don’t think of a pink elephant… I said don’t! I bet you can’t get that image out of your head now. More

To reflect on young people’s previous Christmas experiences and help them prepare mentally and spiritually to get the most of the coming season. More

Ask your mentee to suggest the first word that comes into their head to do with what it means to have character, starting with each letter in the word ‘character’ (eg courage, heart, accountability et... More

This character pyramid is a resource that could easily structure a whole term of mentoring sessions. This session just cov­ers the basic idea.  More

This month’s mentoring resource is all about fours. Hopefully the following ‘fours’ will help you to bake some delicious delights of your own with your mentee as you follow your own special recipe for discipleship!... More


Last month a friend of mine posted a comment online about how much pain he was in from a persistent knee problem. I knew he wasn’t a Christian but felt compassion for him and had faith that God could heal... More

I recently did some mentoring training for a fab youth discipleship programme called The Ascent. I loved their heart for discipleship and willingness to learn new mentoring skills in order to get alongside... More