I heard a story of a mentee who said that he holds back in relationships to protect people from himself. He felt so negative about his bad points and shameful secrets that he felt he needed to put up walls... More

Unlike business, which can collect data on performance, or social media, which can count ‘likes’ and ‘shares,’ things-of-thespirit are rather more tricky to quantify. More

What’s the most precious thing you have ever lost? When I was 18 I had my backpack pinched – and with it, a diary I had kept for several years, including throughout my amazing gap year teaching in Tanzania.... More

This week I went for a walk with a young guy in the Peak District near Sheffield. He grew up in the youth group I used to run and has since moved away, but during the holidays, he made the effort to come... More

YouTube channels are big business these days – teenagers are earning millions of pounds, getting millions of views each month and often making careers out of it. Of course, the majority of teenagers are... More

One of the few preaches that has really stuck with me over the years is from my childhood, and annoyingly for me back then, it was from my dad! He said, ‘This January, don’t make resolutions, make resolve.’... More

Good is the enemy of great.’ (James C. Collins Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don’t) More

A few years ago, comedians Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace coined a new approach from which they were able to build a career ... More

A few years ago, the Anglican church I was working for wanted to extend the building out and add a café. More

Last week I broke my collarbone by coming off my bike during a triathlon in the Peak District. As far as my fitness plans went this was a curve ball: any plans for competing in other events went out the... More