Good is the enemy of great.’ (James C. Collins Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don’t) More

A few years ago, comedians Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace coined a new approach from which they were able to build a career ... More

A few years ago, the Anglican church I was working for wanted to extend the building out and add a café. More

Last week I broke my collarbone by coming off my bike during a triathlon in the Peak District. As far as my fitness plans went this was a curve ball: any plans for competing in other events went out the... More

A couple of years ago I was drafted in to help a rural youth work trust with a couple of youth groups and drop-ins – the leader had stepped down from the groups because it was clearly not working for him... More

‘Learning by doing’ is a hugely important principle in contemporary youth work and specifically in mentoring. It embodies the wisdom that is a few years old now, around the shift from a believe-behave-belong... More

The worst mentoring relationship I have ever been in came early on in my mentoring ‘career’ ... More

Years ago, someone set up a ‘prayer tent’ in our Sunday service and I felt God speak to me quite clearly, and quite profoundly. As I lay on my back in the small tent, I looked up and saw that the pattern... More

Seeing things from an outside perspective can be a real benefit to achieving progress, insight, and hopefully change. When you are in the thick of things yourself it can be really hard to see the obvious... More

This year I moved into a new role mentoring artists for a Christian record label. One of the key issues I find musicians struggle with is the muddiness of ‘not knowing.’ Not knowing what to do, how to... More