Length: Approx 8 mins.Number of people required: Min five, max 14Characters: Mary Christmas (MC), Chris Mascake (CM), Tim Sull (TS), Innkeeper (IK)Brief synopsis: The format is a news programme with two... More


15 Amazing Tricks £13.99. It may not be cool to say it, but I love magic ... More


Big Ministries/Elevation Publishing 2013 £7.99 Book £12.00 CD - An excellent resource that really impacted my ministry. More


‘Saggo’ is a ‘Sorgenfresser’ (no prizes for guessing its country of origin) which means ‘worry eater,’ (or so I’m told, my German is sketchy at best) ...  More


By the Bible Curriculum £160 - A year’s worth of weekly Bible teaching for 4 to 11 year olds thebiblecurriculum.com - Worth your time - a solid resource. More


From £29.99. Warning – the following review contains multiple uses of the word ‘fart’. More


Children’s workers put resources through their paces.Free online download More

from Big MinistriesChildren’s workers put resources through their paces More


Children’s workers put resources through their paces More