Download as a PDF here. This Nativity play has been designed for church-based children’s groups to perform within their own communities. In situations where we are often unsure who may be there on the... More

Download as a PDF here. PARTY AIM:To give parents, carers and children the chance to hear the Christmas story and respond in some way. BACKGROUND: This party plan is Santa-Rudolf-Christmas- tree-free so... More

MEETING AIM: To enjoy hearing and exploring the Christmas story together.  More

Length: Approx 8 mins.Number of people required: Min five, max 14Characters: Mary Christmas (MC), Chris Mascake (CM), Tim Sull (TS), Innkeeper (IK)Brief synopsis: The format is a news programme with two... More


15 Amazing Tricks £13.99. It may not be cool to say it, but I love magic ... More


Big Ministries/Elevation Publishing 2013 £7.99 Book £12.00 CD - An excellent resource that really impacted my ministry. More


‘Saggo’ is a ‘Sorgenfresser’ (no prizes for guessing its country of origin) which means ‘worry eater,’ (or so I’m told, my German is sketchy at best) ...  More


By the Bible Curriculum £160 - A year’s worth of weekly Bible teaching for 4 to 11 year olds - Worth your time - a solid resource. More


From £29.99. Warning – the following review contains multiple uses of the word ‘fart’. More