This story is based on Luke 10:25–37. More

This story is based on Luke 12:13-21. More

This story is based on Luke 15:11–32. More

This story is based on Matthew 13:1-9.  More

Blessing and her brother Ben stood looking at the pile of baking ingredients in front of them. More

Katrina banged on her head of year’s office door. “Miss! Miss! Can I talk to you?” she yelled through the door. More

Matt put down his brush and looked at the final juggernaut. It was perfect - the snarl, the threatening stance - and it was his best painting job by far, not that the other nine were amateurish. He hadn’t... More

The girls crowded around the stage door. Their ears were still ringing from the concert. What a night it had been. They’d heard all their favourite tracks: ‘Ooh baby, I love you’, ‘I love you, baby’, ‘Ooh,... More

Xander loved baking. Whenever he had any spare time, he was in the kitchen, giving new recipes a go or trying to get the hang of piping buttercream. He drove his dad spare - there were never any eggs left... More

Jamie sat outside the headteacher’s office. His knuckles were bloodied from the punch he’d thrown earlier. He knew he shouldn’t have done it, but Matt had it coming. He was so cocky, so arrogant. And what... More