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The 18th February 2015 is Ash Wednesday. You know when it comes around, because the day before you will have stuffed yourself with pancakes! Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the traditional time... More

In the 21st Century we have the ability to play games with technology that even ten years ago we couldn’t have dreamt of. While these games are all well and good, they can be a divisive issue: ‘I don’t... More

THIS WEEK’S PASSAGE LUKE 15:11-32MEETING AIMIt’s a familiar story, but how well do we get the point of it? This is a chance to explore Jesus’ intentions and also respond to God by identifying with the... More

THIS WEEK’S PASSAGE LUKE 15:3-7MEETING AIMTo help young people come to Jesus honestly and be rescued and restored. More

THIS WEEK’S PASSAGE LUKE 12: 35-48MEETING AIMJesus calls people to wait attentively for his return but has some exciting and revolutionary things to say about how this will happen and what he expects of his... More

THIS WEEK’S PASSAGE MARK 4:1-20 MEETING AIM To help young people understand how God’s kingdom grows and see their role in it.  More

After the chaos that accompanies many Christmas celebrations, New Year is a great time to regather your group and reflect on the year thathas finished and the plans God has for their futures. More

January should be the official mentoring month! New Year is a key season for appraising the previous year and setting goals for the coming 12 months. It’s also a time that often results in frustration,... More

ALBUM: Taylor Swift // (2014 VIRGIN EMI) More

New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start. For some people this means New Year’s resolutions: losing weight, learning to juggle, or perfecting the accordion. But others take it a step further, adopting... More