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Ah, UNO. Has any branded game since Jenga been used by so many youth workers? It fits into your pocket, is easy to pick up and it doesn’t matter if you lose some of the cards in the minibus. But did you know... More

We know that God is with us in every circumstance and situation, so how do we apply that to our own home life or family? What about when we are the only one in our family who chooses to follow God? In... More

To help the young people think about different kinds of rest, and what is best for them. To explore the idea of true rest in God, which comes from receiving his love and acceptance. More

To explore the idea of a playful God; a God who is creative and delights in us having fun, to inspire young people to know that God isas interested in their play time as any other activity, and to challenge them... More

To show that there is dignity and value in the tasks we do each week, and that they can be done with and for God. More

A few years ago, the Anglican church I was working for wanted to extend the building out and add a café. More

Album: I Cry When I Laugh (2015. Atlantic)Artist: Jess Glynne More

If there’s one story that’s constantly dominating the headlines, it’s immigration. More

Major Thomas Egan is a US Air Force fighter pilot who transitions to drone duty when demand drops for manned aircraft. As a drone pilot, with a limited ability to control collateral damage during airstrikes,... More