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To explore with young people how they can hear from God and discern his will for their lives. More

To talk about the importance and the practicalities of having a quiet time – a regular, intentional space to be with God: other meeting guides will cover what to do within it, such as pray and read the... More

To increase awareness that prayer is a conversation between you and a God who knows you, one that can take place in private and involves talking simply to God. More

To give young people the motivation and the means to develop the habits and discipline of regular Bible reading. More

To explore what a miracle is and whether Jesus performed any. More

This year I moved into a new role mentoring artists for a Christian record label. One of the key issues I find musicians struggle with is the muddiness of ‘not knowing.’ Not knowing what to do, how to... More

When Amazon announced in 2013 that they were launching a new delivery system, it caused a bit of a furore. This new method was goingto be different – drone delivery, small unmanned aircrafts delivering... More

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both... More

The 18th February 2015 is Ash Wednesday. You know when it comes around, because the day before you will have stuffed yourself with pancakes! Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the traditional time... More

In the 21st Century we have the ability to play games with technology that even ten years ago we couldn’t have dreamt of. While these games are all well and good, they can be a divisive issue: ‘I don’t... More