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A resource for incorporating spiritual practices in your work with children, from Ian Adams and Carolyn Edwards More

For the first time I’m going to theme this column by the time of year (by that I mean the time of year this issue claims to be not the time youactually get it). So let’s pretend it really is September... More

A service plan about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem More

A service plan about trusting God’s plans More

from Big MinistriesChildren’s workers put resources through their paces More

Our regular resource for incorporating spiritual practices in your work with children, from Ian Adams and Carolyn Edwards More

There’s one prop that our children love more than any other – the parachute. There’s something about a giant piece of coloured material that screams fun. You can play all these games with a 3.5m parachute,... More

Can you remember your first day at secondary school? I recall creeping nervously into the main hall at my new school, looking around for some of my friends from primary school. We were put into forms and... More