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Sometimes Jesus behaves in ways that made people uncomfortable. But there are important things we learn when we discover what Jesus is saying and doing. More

AIMTo explore the ‘problem of evil’ and whether this implies that the Christian God is good, evil, or non-existent. More

A couple of years ago I was drafted in to help a rural youth work trust with a couple of youth groups and drop-ins – the leader had stepped down from the groups because it was clearly not working for him... More

(2015 Atlantic records): various artists More

Space: the final frontier, and now, for some, the final, most desirable tourist destination in the world. Well… just outside of the world. More

It’s the near future and Earth has been devastated by drought and famine, leading to mass food shortages and extreme climate change. But at the very point that humanity is facing extinction, a mysterious... More

Let’s take a step of faith. It’s July. The sun WILL be out. Let’s repeat that: the sun WILL be out. As such, we’ll take our youth groups outside and have all kinds of outdoor fun. For all of these games... More

To plan a new way of being church in a new place, with new people. How can we work together, using our strengths and skills to prepare something new? More

To explore any doubts or questions the teenagers may have about doing church differently. More