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A young bear from the deepest, darkest part of Peru has grown up with a passion for all things British (and marmalade sandwiches). After a terrible storm destroys his home, he travels to London in search... More

The sun is shining (hopefully), the evenings are getting longer (well, not literally, they’re still the same length of time, but certainly lighter) and it’s time to relax and have some fun with your young... More

The early followers of Jesus took the guidelines from this passage as their foundation for building church communities. Can we use these foundations to help us reimagine what church could look like to... More

To move away from the idea of church as a building or institution and to focus on some of the key elements taught to us by Jesus, particularly mission and passing on our faith to others. More

To focus on community as a key part of church. To move away from the idea of church as a building or institution and instead to think about it as a living community built on the principles taught to us... More

We all have different understandings of what it means to be Church depending on our culture, context, background, upbringing and tradition,but what is the essence of Church? What are the key components of... More

Youthscape is an ecumenical Christian project founded over two decades ago by a group of 45 churches. One of our key objectives is to develop innovative and proven ways to explore spiritual development from... More

The worst mentoring relationship I have ever been in came early on in my mentoring ‘career’ ... More

Album: Hozier (2014 Island records)Artist: Hozier More

All the best heroes have one thing in common – they’re better together. Just think about The Avengers. Sure, Captain America is pretty great on his own, but when combined with Iron Man and The Hulk… now... More