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God has given each of us different resources, and intends that we use them for his kingdom. Do you know what yours are and how are you using them right now? More

To explore aspects of the kingdom of heaven through the parable of the vineyard. More

To explore the concept of forgiveness in Christian discipleship. More

To consider what the parables of the pearl and hidden treasure reveal to us about the kingdom of God. More

The only thing less excusable than going to the cinema to see a Disney film on a Wednesday afternoon by yourself, is going to the cinema to see... More


To help children explore the emotions and choices they face as they move from primary to secondary school. More


Victoria Beech offers four ways to help children communicate with God. More


Fish make an appearance many times in the Bible. Here are three ideas to help you introduce some of those stories to your group. More


Three easy games to use with the creative minds behind Messy Church children in your group. More


This service enables your group to get to grips with the Parable of the Sower. More