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Halloween is coming. The last two weeks of October are now dominated by the festival, with trick or treaters aplenty and supermarkets populated with skeletons and pumpkins – but how should our children’s... More

Christmas and Easter are fabulous times of celebration, and mark major points in the story of God and his people. Most RE syllabuses require schools to explore major religious festivals and it’s hardly... More

Here is this month’s anonymous ‘we can laugh about it now’ story. A youth group was on a weekend away and decided to play a wide game. They were split into teams, dropped in the middle of a forest with... More

Alex Taylor explores how to begin working with your local primary school. More

This month’s craft page includes four ideas to help children engage with the story of Jesus calming the storm, from new contributor Mina Munns More

I was talking to a fellow children’s worker about the games we played as children, and we realised that quite a lot of them are completely inappropriate now. The 1970s and 80s were more naïve times, and we... More

Victoria Beech offers three ways to engage children in thanksgiving, stories and praise. More

Jesus told three very well-known stories about things – and people – that were lost and then found: the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. You’ll find them all in Luke 15. These crafts will help... More

To think about the significance of rules and ways to live. More

This issue I’m going to do something different. Rather than games, I’m going to cover challenges. I’ve found that these can work very wellwhen you have a lot of kids but not a lot of space. Split your... More