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Each month I attempt to suggest a theme for the games, or - at the very least - some kind of nominal link between them. This month’s is almost certainly more tenuous than ever. The connecting theme between... More


To realise that jealousy always leads to destruction. God has placed a unique calling on each of our lives, so we must learn to love who Godmade us to be uniquely and not compare ourselves to others. More


To challenge young people to step out in faith and proactively defend God’s name. More


To show that we cannot lead without willingness and cooperation from people. Sometimes people will be unwilling to listen so we need to learn when to be humble and step back. More


How to plan an evengelistic event. More


To challenge young people to share God’s story. More


To teach how and why to take interest in other people’s stories. More


To communicate the power of sharing our story. More