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MEETING AIM: To think about reaching others with the love of Jesus.  More

MEETING AIM:To think about who our neighbours really are (not always the people who live next door) and how we can love those around us.  More

MEETING AIM: To recognise that not everyone responds joyfully to hearing the good news, but that those who do are like the good, strong soil.  More

MEETING AIM: To be assured that the invitation to follow Jesus is on offer to everyone who accepts it!  More

MEETING AIM: To explore what it means to love God with everything we’ve got.  More

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ARTIST: Taylor Swift (featuring Brendon Urie) / SUITABLE FOR: 10s to 13sINTRODUCTIONThis track carries an earworm warning! It is a catchy, defiant track that gives us the opportunity to explore what it... More

CLIPS: 00:15:45 – 00:20:36 / 00:30:30 – 00:33:58 / 01:00:17 – 01:02:14 / RATING: PGSYNOPSISBuffalo newsman Evan Baxter is elected to Congress with the slogan ‘Change the world’. He lucks out with a huge... More

Whatever our age, worry can be a massive issue. Matthew 6:25- 34 is a passage that helps put our worry into perspective by encouraging us to trust God with our lives because he cares for us. The following... More