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The first mentoring programme I set up was almost entirely accidental. It was essentially the product of an unconscious emphasis I had toward building empowering and supportive relationships with young... More

Meeting aim: To ask the question “Who is Jesus?” and to start to answer it. More

Meeting aim: To unpack the story and explore the impact it might have on us today as it calls us to greater faith, compassion and action. More

Meeting aim: To see the story in its fullness; to try and feel more completely the danger of the storm and the relief and peace felt as Jesus calmed it. More

Meeting aim: To understand which friends and people Jesus wanted on his ‘team’, and in turn to begin to understand what kind of people Jesus wants us to be. More

Meeting aim: To make sense of why Jesus started to minister the way he did, and to explore the theme of training and beginning a life of ministry More

Meeting aim: To explore the way Jesus multiplies the little we have to share. More

Meeting aim: To discover that Jesus has authority over all things. More

Meeting aim: To explore Jesus’ invitation to follow him. More