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If you’re running an evangelistic event, a game might be the last thing you think of including - but don’t neglect the possibilities. Doing things like running a football or dodgeball tournament can be... More


There is a need to step carefully when using the word ‘evangelism’ in schools. Nick Shepherd, in his Grove booklet Schools’ Ministry as Mission (2008), gives us a helpful understanding of evangelism and what... More


NEWSFLASH - youth groups begin again after the summer. Youth leaders will be fresh-faced, eager, excited, and raring to get going again after being refreshed by the long summer vacation - and hopefully... More


To appreciate the power of relationships; to assess how leaders can set priorities which acknowledge the legitimacy of emotions without succumbing to them. More


To show that sometimes leaders need to be willing to have difficult conversations. More


To learn about the beautiful and creative relationship David had with God, and to explore our own creative gifts. More


To show that following Jesus is about being different from the world around you. More


Using the Bible for games could be seen as a) ridiculously cheesy and awkward, b) an underhand way to get the ‘good book’ into more general activity, c) a little bit sacrilegious, or d) simply weird. But... More


To explore the reason for God giving a prophecy at the time of today’s passage and to look at the role of prophecy today. More


To show that worship is so much more than singing songs, and to focus on the way that we respond to the greatness of God. More