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If you’re hosting summer parties or barbecues, what could be better than to play some water games? Just make sure the children or young people bring a change of clothes and a towel with them, as no parent... More

What is your first reaction when a child or young person tells    you about a hardship they are facing? Do you feel as though you want to sort it out and save them from those negative feelings   or experiences?... More

Mr Matthews looked down at the report sheet that had landed   on his desk. There were only two names on it: one he was all too familiar with and one he had never come across before.He began to read silently:... More

Meeting aim: To explore Jesus’ teaching on worry and what that means for us. More

Meet aim: To discover how we should give and ways we can do so. More

Meeting aim: To reflect on how we should be salt and light in our world. More

Meeting aim: To explore what Jesus’ teaching means for our life and faith. More

Meeting aim: To explore worry, and to think about how following Jesus might help us not to worry. More

Meeting aim: To explore the area of how and why we should give. More

Meeting aim: To explore how following Jesus makes us different. More