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Meeting aim: To explore what the Holy Spirit came to do and the impact he had on Jesus’ friends. More

Meeting aim: To explore why it matters that Jesus ascended to heaven. More

Meeting aim: To challenge the children’s perceptions of whom they might share the good news of Jesus with, and to listen to God and hear what he wants us to do. More

Meeting aim: To explore the Pentecost story, and to discuss the difference the coming of the Holy Spirit made to the early Church and to our lives today. More

Meeting aim: To discover that the ascension was part of a bigger story, and that Jesus will return one day. More

Meeting aim: To engage with the story in which Peter realises that God wants everyone to hear about Jesus, which is still true today. More

Meeting aim: To recognise the initiatives the followers of Jesus took once the Holy Spirit had come, and to think about what this might mean for children today. More

Meeting aim: To talk about how God ‘speaks’ in different ways. More

Meeting aim: To explore how Jesus prepared his friends for his departure as he said goodbye to them. More

ARTIST: The Lego Movie 2 castSUITABLE FOR: Under-10sINTRODUCTIONThe antidote to the hit earworm ‘Everything is awesome’ from The Lego Movie,  this track explores the idea that although we may  face challenges... More