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Meeting aim: To explore our commitment to integrity: running from what is evil and chasing what is right, no matter the cost. More

Meeting aim: To reflect on pride and humility, and to set our minds and hearts on being who we feel God wants us to be. More

Meeting aim: To discuss and investigate any similarities and principles from the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that we can apply in our modern context. More

Meeting aim: To explore God’s view of our individual lives now and in the future, and also our part in God’s story through the ages. More

Meeting aim: To learn about being faithful in prayer, and about praying in different ways. More

Meeting aim: To explore how we can stand up for our faith. More

Meeting aim: To think about how God is faithful, and we can trust and rely on him. More

Meeting aim: To discover that God sees injustice and works to right it. More