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Artist: P!nkSuitable for: 10s to 13s More

Clip: 01:10:00 – 01:14:25Rating: 12A More

Background: This is one of the best-known and best-loved of Jesus’ miracle stories. Here are some ideas to help you take a creative approach to some of the themes.  More

Whether you’re holding a New Year party or trying to get your group to think about fresh starts, you’ll need some games to get things going. Here are some suggestions to help your group think creatively... More

The first mentoring programme I set up was almost entirely accidental. It was essentially the product of an unconscious emphasis I had toward building empowering and supportive relationships with young... More

Meeting aim: To ask the question “Who is Jesus?” and to start to answer it. More

Meeting aim: To unpack the story and explore the impact it might have on us today as it calls us to greater faith, compassion and action. More

Meeting aim: To see the story in its fullness; to try and feel more completely the danger of the storm and the relief and peace felt as Jesus calmed it. More