Steve Mawhinney is the children's worker for Barnsbury Parish, Islington.


Steve Todd is PA to the Soul Survivor directors.


Sue Clutterham is a local mission partner with Scripture Union, working with the Archway Trust in five rural villages in Northamptonshire.


Sue Monckton-Rickett is a registered accredited counsellor and vice chair of the Association of Christian Counsellors


Sue’s books on child development include Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys. Her most recent is 21st Century Girls: how female minds develop, how to raise bright balanced girls, and why today’s world needs them more than ever.


Susie is the youth work officer for the Diocese of Manchester.


Tapiwais a father of two who has fought depression. He hosts the Fathers ‘n’the Hood podcast.You can listen to it on YouTube and SoundCloud.


Tim Alford is national director of Limitless and youth ministry course leader at Regents Theological College.


Tim works for Jordanhill Church of Scotland in Glasgow’s West End, teaches religion, morality and philosophy in schools, and sits on the Scottish leadership team for Urban Saints.


Tim Fawssett is CEO of The Feast Project