Premier Youth and Children’s Work is for anyone who is passionate about raising the next generation to know and love Jesus. 

Whether you want to know the latest trends and news happening in youth and children's culture, are looking to delve into difficult topics including mental health, bullying, knife crime, gender identity, sex, the impact of social media, and supporting gay young people, or need resources and inspiration for children and youth groups, we have it covered.  

There's a whole heap of benefits: 

·       Read on any digital device of your choice 

·       The latest in information ensuring the freshest content 

·       Download and read offline anywhere you want 

·       Easy navigation  

·       Instant access – handy when you’re looking for quick information 

·       Enhanced user experience through rich media including animations, images, interactive links, audio, video, shareable content, plus more 


Monthly and annual subscriptions, plus the purchase of a single issue, will now be available for our new digital magazine. 

All the favourites in the print magazine are sticking around, from features to real life, all-inclusive and our much-loved Q&As. Over the month, you will be able to peruse your favourite columns, including Safeguarding, Toolbox and Mental Health Check, as well as receiving Faith at Home tips and tricks. We will also continue to have those conversations on important subjects affecting our young people today, including mental health, racism, sex, bullying, social media, knife crime and gender identity. 

We hope to be able to reach even more people with our digital magazine, ensuring that the next generation comes to know and love Jesus.  

You can visit the web app by clicking here or you can download the app from the Apple store by clicking here or the Google store here 



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