Even now, months away from my next trip, I’m uncomfortable. I don’t have the ability to get energised in the run up to a weekend away, yet all of my colleagues seem to get as excited as the youth. Actually... More

My personal number was distributed exclusively to friends and family; but over the eight or so months since relinquishing the work handset I’ve come to the cringingly painful realisation that this two-phone... More

It was there, feeding a goat, that I learnt something. Part of the park farm ritual is the ‘feed the animals’ experience. My oldest son is four and is high-functioning autistic and I was well aware that... More

My gap year was an immensely significant time for me; a year when I discovered new things, new skills and abilities, new confidence and ideas, new relationships (including meeting my future wife) and importantly... More

The film provided a small window of insight into the most effective way to catch salmon – quite an eye opener for a fishing virgin like myself! After the film, curiosity turned me to Google and I learnt... More

The youth cafe sweeps young people up and draws them in, with dozens of ‘regulars' returning day in, day out. They come after school, shouting, crying, laughing, and demanding, wanting help and food, or... More

Dear young people,This letter is written with nothing but love and respect for you. We've entered exam season. I remember well the stress and tension, the constant reminders from teachers that ‘these are... More

Every teenage girl I know adheres to the cardinal rules of the profile picture. Rule number one: it needs to be a solo shot, preferably taken at a flattering angle. Number two: full hair and make-up and... More

I used to be (and in reality, still can be) a cynic when it comes to healing. I always knew and believed that God could heal, but believing it could happen in my context, among my friends and family, was... More

“Justin was ten when I first met him. I went up to Stratford Ontario and performed a show in a coffee shop there. It was packed out, and this weird looking guy came up to me. He was like the evil looking... More