Meeting aim: To enable young people to think though the idea of ‘the one’ in terms of dating, relationships and what God has to say on the matter!Preparation: You will need large sheets of paper (lining... More

Meeting aim: To begin to explore our sexualised digital culture, including sexting and pornography, from a faith perspectivePreparation: You will need:... More

Meeting aim: To explore the age-old question, ‘where is the line?’ within sexual boundaries.Preparation: This session is based on the exploration of sexual... More

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Meeting aim: To think about love in action in our communities.Preparation: You will need: a pack of happy... More

Meeting aim: To reflect on God’s call to be just and not act according to our own interests.Preparation:... More

Meeting aim: To reflect on the commandment to love your neighbour and think through what that means for... More

Meeting aim: To explore God’s love.Preparation: You will need: pens and paper; paper copies of emojis... More

Meeting aim: To explore the topic of self-harm in a safe space and to support one another.Preparation:... More

Meeting aim: This session is a starting point for gaining a basic understanding of depression and how... More