Here’s the thing: as the properly brilliant keyboard intro kicked in, I was suddenly struck by how much it was…<iframe width="550" height="413" src="" frameborder="0"... More

The earliest Christians were few in number and a persecuted minority. They could not claim or cling to 2000 years of Christian history. There was no State Church for them to hold onto, and no sense of... More

What’s a book about early 20th Century missionary practices got to do with 21st Century youth workers? Everything, it turns out.Roland Allen was a missionary in North China from 1895 - 1903. He returned... More

I was 16 when I came to London on a short-term mission week. It was an amazing and eye-opening week, but nothing had prepared me beforehand for the world I was about to step into. Below Waterloo Bridge... More

A youth ministry revolution? Sounds fun, I want to join in. However, let’s be a little careful about the kind of revolution we have… Sometimes I think the temptation is to go for bigger, better, MORE lights,... More

Charles Spurgeon read it twice a year and C.S. Lewis said it astonished the world. Novelist Jasper Fordde had a character describe it as one of the dullest books ever created and my mother-in law hated... More

There is a traditional character in English literature called ‘Everyman’. He is, as as his name suggests, the man who represents us all. We might say ‘Joe Bloggs’. In certain books and plays he will be... More

When I lived in the Netherlands, my Dutch friends introduced me to the naming of Easter Saturday as ‘Silent Saturday’. This comes, I think, from the experience of the women who first mourned the death... More

The town of Livarot, five kilometres from my home, is mainly famous for its cheese. Surprisingly, it also has a thriving art history society. Their most recent conference was ‘The Art of Crucifixion’,... More

Scriptwriters know that a good story must have certain ‘pillars’ or turning points. One is ‘the doorway of no return’, where the hero turns towards the final battle. We don’t yet know the outcome, but... More