I’ve been involved in youth work for about ten years now as a volunteer, a sessional worker in a local authority youth centre, a placement student and a full-time youth worker in a church setting. As well... More

The Palm Sunday story features in all four Gospels. A crowd of strangers in the city for the Passover, explode in spontaneous celebration: a first Century flash mob. The language they use is Messianic,... More

For many years I have enjoyed a favourite turn of phrase that I can only say in certain company, and sadly it fits most aptly when talking about church in the UK: the idea that ‘you cannot polish a turd.’... More

Good news everyone! We as youth workers have done our jobs. I’ve been keeping careful track of every article written on the internet, and there has been a remarkable decrease in articles warning of the... More

I’m completely with Martin. We need a revolution.The Church at large has proved itself utterly incapable of managing the pace of change required. I see a lot of idealism about the Church among Christian... More

At the point of his baptism, Jesus heard the words, ‘This is my son with whom I am well pleased’ (Luke.3.21-23). From his baptism, Jesus had a clear understanding of who he was, and the love from the father... More

If, as Martin Saunders said here, youth ministry needs a revolution, and if, as Ali Campbell said here, discipleship needs to be more about the how than the what, then maybe we need to start digging deeper... More

I have been in lots of churches over the years and I often get asked what I believe about various things: women in ministry, grace, the future, unity in the Church etc. I have views on those things, but... More

Friends, I think we might have a problem. Youth ministry in the UK finds itself, all of a sudden, in a very different and more challenging place. We’re not, as Dorothy once said, in Kansas anymore.Twenty... More

Maybe you’ve been following this blog for years, and are excited to hear that we are re-launching. Maybe you didn’t realise that we had a blog at all. Either way - welcome one, welcome all.The aim of this... More