I tend to be incredibly cynical about a lot of things and it takes a lot to get me excited. Then I went to the Youth Work Awards, and heard stories of youth workers from across the country reaching hundreds... More

Now, despite a modest budget ($25m) and a relatively unknown and almost entirely female cast, a film version has become an unpredicted box office smash in the US, grossing over $150m in its first five... More

At that moment, as the lights cut out and I found myself sneaking to the front to strut my stuff with 'The Yac,' it suddenly struck me that this was going to work. Maybe it was the charisma, life and love... More

Physically, I’m not really going anywhere – in footballing terms I’m ‘moving upstairs’ to take on a new role with the Premier Media Group, which owns Youthwork. From next month, I’ll still serve the magazine... More

 Yes, time to delve into the back of the shed and pull out the tent that you packed away post Soul Survivor 2011 (still complete with Shepton Mallet mud), dust off your wellies and purchase a new bottle... More

... shopping has probably been my favourite but I can’t place that before church or Youthwork, it just doesn’t feel right. All of these of course encompass the two loves of my life: Jesus and fashion.... More

And thus, with a simple request from @MartinSaunders (as he was known at the time) began my internship at Youthwork magazine (and, in the interests of fairness, Christianity magazine).  Right from the... More

Here's the take-away moral from that, and something that comes through in the article on Digital Etiquette: if you put something up on the internet you should expect everyone to find it. That means your... More

Anya Briggs on the challenge of humility Humility. It’s not a popular word. You certainly wouldn’t hear it being banded across the school cafeteria and whispered about during classes. In fact it’s not... More

  One of my favourite pastimes is reading biographies of famous actors and actresses. Unlike the sophisticated among us – who purchase inspiring books from respectable book stores on successful individuals... More