The youth cafe sweeps young people up and draws them in, with dozens of ‘regulars' returning day in, day out. They come after school, shouting, crying, laughing, and demanding, wanting help and food, or... More

Dear young people,This letter is written with nothing but love and respect for you. We've entered exam season. I remember well the stress and tension, the constant reminders from teachers that ‘these are... More

Every teenage girl I know adheres to the cardinal rules of the profile picture. Rule number one: it needs to be a solo shot, preferably taken at a flattering angle. Number two: full hair and make-up and... More

I used to be (and in reality, still can be) a cynic when it comes to healing. I always knew and believed that God could heal, but believing it could happen in my context, among my friends and family, was... More

“Justin was ten when I first met him. I went up to Stratford Ontario and performed a show in a coffee shop there. It was packed out, and this weird looking guy came up to me. He was like the evil looking... More

My dad’s visits became less and less frequent, and I thought no more of the shrub. Until last night. Drawing my attention to the now very-much-dead plant outside, my dad was upset and hurt that I had not... More

Google seems to believe that mission should involve travel, when it defines it as ‘An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel’. Now... More

Well, you would think. Yet as news broke ahead of the announcement, the digital air was filled with dissenting voices. ‘It won’t work!’ ‘Who defines pornography?’ ‘Where will this censorship end?’ This... More

You might think this is an odd introduction. Is this some kind of weak metaphor for what mission looks like in the UK? Is it a hilarious anecdote so that this piece doesn’t start off with either a humble... More

It was this simple fact: I got an iPhone.Having survived for longer than any human should on phones with no internet, I felt I was due my portion of connectivity and technology. I'd served my time.If only... More