If you are reading this at a festival… 

...Welcome! We hope that you are having a wonderful time in the glorious sunshine / torrential rain (delete as appropriate). This is a one-off magazine made for young people, by young people. We recruited a team of eight young people to pull our normal magazine apart, and make something that they would want to read. We hope that in these pages you will be inspired by stories of teenagers doing amazing things for God, encouraged to dream about what life and Church could be like in your lifetime, and also laugh a little (preferably a lot) along the way. We’d love to know what you think – tweet us @youthworkmag with your thoughts. Enjoy!

If you are a regular subscriber to Premier Youthwork…

…as you may have noticed, this is a very different issue of the magazine. Whenever we ask you – our readers – who you want to hear from in the magazine, you say young people. We listened, and decided to recruit a team of young people to make an entire magazine. We hope that as people who love young people, you will love it. We hope too that it will give you an insight into what young people think about, dream about, laugh about and cry about. And once you’ve had a read and been reminded about why young people are so spectacular, and why we have the greatest job in the world (and even, dare we hope, been re-envisioned for your ministry) – why not pass it on to one of your young people? We hope they will enjoy it as much as you do. We will be back next month with all of the regular news, resources and Premier Youthwork goodness.

PS. We want to give you the chance to tell us what you think about faith and Church. We’d be hugely grateful if you would take the time to fill out the survey on p. 61 (or if you are a youth worker – to pass this on to your young people). All completed forms will be entered into our prize draw for a back catalogue of Soul Survivor albums, plus a signed copy of Beth Croft’s new album Rule in my heart! You can also fill it out online at www. premieryouthwork.com/youthsurvey. Gracias amigos!

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