We Will Rise Up

A poem ...

‘No good, no use, no hope’

That’s what we hear on the news and the radio.

‘The youth are taking over! They’re out of control!’

But it’s your words that shape us, don’t you know?

You’ve created this mould, so why not try to fit it?

Why be Prime Minister, when ‘hoodlum’ is our limit?

But we are the future

That’s what the world doesn’t seem to see,

I could be the next Rosa Parks or Mahatma Gandhi.

So dismantle this mass media hype

And let go of the stereotype.

Don’t make us weak with condemnation

But build us with inspiration

And we will rise up...

Like the smoke from a fiery flame, We will rise up.

Like the sun declaring a new day, We will rise up.

To be the never forgotten generation, To change a nation.

We will rise up to lead

To be what this country needs

To not just be seen, but heard

To gain a reputation we deserve.

Our zeal and youthful vitality

Will inspire the hearts of posterity

The greatness of our innovation

Overcomes every limitation.

So subtract the negativity

Multiply the positivity

Add a little creativity

And it equals great destiny.

Yes, we are young,

But that does not make us foolish.

And together, only together,

May we finally be able to prove this.

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