Help! I love my youth group but not my church

Churches are odd places. They attract a bizarre combination of people, with as many theologies, ideals, beliefs and practices as there are members. Being part of a church can be complicated, and working for one can be downright difficult. But, as we all know, they are also glorious - and through all of the mess and chaos, the Church is still God’s chosen vehicle for blessing the earth. So how do we press on through the politics and red tape? Which challenges are ‘character growth’ opportunities, and which are simply not our battles to fight? Phoebe Thompson spoke anonymously with youth workers who are living with the tension of loving their young people but not their church - to hear their struggles, and share their advice for youth workers in similar situations.

I joined a large church  of 600-800 people.  I found the level of control over all the different elements of such a complicated church almost lacking in...

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