Youth worker personality trumps

Myers-Briggs, the DISC assessment, Buzzfeed quizzes… these are all rigorously researched personality tests that seem like a lot of effort.
Fortunately for youth workers without much time on their hands, we’ve come up with a much better assessment system.

"You are full of energy, pastoral wisdom and brave ideas. The source of that energy is coffee and occasionally tea. You once explained Jesus being in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights as a bit like that time you didn’t have a coffee for 24 hours."

Strengths: When you meet with someone in a coffee shop the effectiveness of your work instantly doubles. Even
being in sight of a coffee shop improves your session planning by more than 33 per cent.

Weaknesses: Decaf.

"You once live-streamed the cricket on your phone during a sermon… which you were preaching. You struggle to name more than two of the 12 sons of Jacob, but you know every team that’s won the FA Cup since you were six, in the correct order."

Strengths: You can fix any IT problem in the church within five minutes. You know what young people are
talking about when they mention YouTubers and Minecraft.

Weaknesses: You’re frequently distracted from youth work because you’re fixing IT problems in the church. You cancel youth group when it clashes with an Apple product announcement.

"You think technology is a great gift from God (which it is) and think that communicating with parents exclusively over Snapchat is a good idea (which it isn’t). You once wrote a proposal for the church leadership that seriously argued for replacing pew Bibles with iPad minis."

Strengths: You always know when a sporting event’s coming up so you can use it for outreach. You’re never short of games to play at youth club.

Weaknesses: Your sporting outreach often ends up being very sporty and not very outreachy. You can be a little
over-competitive, like that time you refused to pass to your entire youth group for six months.

"Your desk is perfectly clean and tidy. Your car could be a hire car it’s so clean. You have all your paperwork up to date and know what you’re teaching until August 2018. Your sports and equipment cupboard has its own filing system based loosely on the Harvard-Yenching Classification System."

Strengths: You’re pretty organised.

Weaknesses: You don’t handle messiness, unpredictability or disorder well. You love young people as long as they
turn up with a list of their questions and problems four weeks in advance (five if one of those weeks is a school holiday).

"You are well dressed, watch good TV and hold forth with interesting opinions. You are part of an elite, well-rounded group that definitely wasn’t made up because you don’t fit into any of the other categories."

Strengths: Too numerous to mention.
Weaknesses: Insignificant, other than the very real possibility you don't exist.

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