Leadership 101: The sweet spot

We all love the story of Simon Peter: that memorable moment when - as all of his friends looked on - he took a huge risk, stepped out of the boat, and began to walk on the water towards Jesus. We love his audacity. We applaud his courage. We’re inspired by his faith (even though he sank!). Not only do we all love it, we’ve all used it in our youth groups! Why? Because this is a story that we are confident will stir the hearts of our young people. There’s something about the call to adventure that resonates in their spirit. There’s something about taking an audacious risk that we know captivates their imaginations. Indeed, there’s something in every young person that longs to ‘step out of the boat’. 

But is that a problem? Sure, it’s something in young people that longs to step out of the boat, but is that more notable because many older Christians...

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