Adaptable Meeting Guide: Malachi

Meeting Aim: To understand the backdrop to the book of Malachi and to see its relevance today: in a place of relative comfort, worshipping God didn’t seem to make a difference to people’s lives. Religion had become dull and routine.

Preparation: Print the Bible passages and questions on separate pieces of paper for ‘thoughts’. Gather flip chart paper and pens for ‘actions’. If you do the worship challenge, gather song books, some means of playing music, images or whatever else might encourage creativity. If you do the justice activity, internet access might be handy to look up resources. Some young people might be upset at the idea of animal sacrifices so be sensitive in how you talk about it.

What’s the most boring thing you can think of?10 minsHave a competition to see who can come up with the most boring thing? Let things get creative and...

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