Adaptable Meeting Guide: Unsung Bible Heroes – Lydia

Meeting aim: This session is about getting to know Lydia in Acts 16, and exploring how we might have a risky, kingdom-expanding faith, like hers.

Preparation: You will need: the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade clip, enough Bibles for the whole group, five sheets of A3 paper with ‘believing’, written at the top of one sheet and ‘baptism’, ‘evangelism’, ‘leadership’ and ‘hospitality’ written at the top of the others. Place the sheets around the room. You will also need a role of lining paper, postit notes and pens. 

Getting to know Lydia15 minutesAsk someone to read the story of Lydia in Acts 16:11 -15,40. Then present the group with Lydia’s biography: Lydia was a...

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