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YCW Apr 19 Cover

Premier Youth and Children’s Work provides support, inspiration and resources for those passionate about raising the next generation.


  • Children’s work expert Mark Griffiths questions whether we’re really doing everything we can to reach unchurched children with the gospel.
  • We hear the heartfelt but hopeful story of a young person struggling with OCD.
  • Plus, what does lasagne have to do with diverse leadership and how can we ensure we’re building teams that don’t look like us?
  • Alex Taylor shares a European backpacking twist on the Stations of the Cross.

In each monthly issue, we’ll provide ideas, advice, resources and guidance to support and shape your work with youth and children. With full length feature articles – some deeply practical, some more stretching and challenging – along with brilliant resources, up-to-date news about developments in youth and children’s ministry and culture, testimonies, how-to guides and much more.

Get well as the usual games, crafts and resources, we have three brand new columns. One looks at supporting those with additional needs, one at safeguarding issues and another explores children’s big questions.

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If you are renewing an existing subscription please login to your account by clicking the button below.

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